Saturday, March 22, 2014

Selective Outrage (Follow the Money)

The post modern utilitarian is back at it again, from boycotting dates from Israel to selective environmentalism. Somewhere and some how the academic sophistos are convinced that Chicken Little was a historical figure and that the proverbial ski fell upon mankind. From the cottage industries of Climate change, "follow the money." Racism, "follow the money" Income inequity, "follow the money." Green industries, "follow the money." ACA, "follow the money."

Their need to disrupt and deconstruct western culture with the relabellings of historical events thru out the world, clinging to the notation that their activism, "follow the money," some how raises the awareness bar to Icarus like heights. Not only does this set the format for the argument that in order to progress, we need to repress,  like Icarus, "common dude." Since Icarus has his feathered wings covered with wax by his father and was told not to fly too close to the sun,, "the sophisto's knowledge base,"or the wax coating "reality," would melt from his wings. So, Icarus flew too high, by his own choice, trying to reach the heights of the sophisto supermen.

So, we set the bar for progress, for the sake of progress, thereby creating an alternate reality, where the shophistos roam free, and to create their own version of Sir Thomas More's utopian, intolerant vacillating plane of existential reality at any cost. Wind energy at an environmental cost such as the deaths of hundreds of migratory birds, birds of prey, bats and so on, sometimes into the thousands. The enviros response, selective outrage when an animal is found dead next to an oil well, kill the Keystone pipeline!

Want a narrow and intolerant selective outrage, manufacture an emotional response, pick a target, get funding and then, attack. Create a helpless group of a potential  voting block, create a point of selective outrage,"voter identification" add some racism and a heavy does of disenfranchising, "follow the money."
Immigration reform, "follow the money." It is not what is good for the country, but what can "MY," the activist's narrow vision of what the definition of "my" agenda, and what can I get from it no matter the cost or damage to society.

Make work irrelevant, create leisure time all the time, do not agree with me, sue me, do not want personal responsibility, blame me, hate America, blame me, class warfare, blame me, inequity, blame me, hate your life, blame me. Consume, but with equality, share with your enlightened frivolity, be free to create any form of social outrage, real or not, be cool, be a hipster, tell me that you are smarter than me. Select what I cannot see, be gentle with me and do tell me that, I should not think like me, as only you can select for me, the outrage that is righteous for me.  

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