Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Class, but their class

Here we go again, the classless are on the move with their policies and politics. Make no bones about this election, as the phony call for the middle class to be rounded up and feed the propaganda of a hijacked republic is in full swing. How many cliches does it take for the folks out there to wake up and realize that it is not about the so called middle class, but the sophisto class at the policy blackboard. With their phony racism, class struggle, fairness, do what is right relativism madness that bends to the policies that do not benefit anybody but, their class.

You idiots in the media, or whatever you call yourselves. Making points that belong in a propagandist camp of dead German idealists; and then you package it as fact, like shrink wrapped existentialism. You factoid pushers, stick that needle into the arm of relevancy and push the smack of the classless into the beast of your phoney class warfare titans. You hold the drinks of the classless, you shame the free press as you buy more drinks for the classless. You stick the profound ideas that formed this republic into a nice little footnote of an historical outdated deleted file of simple idiots. You spit on everyone that is not you, except the classless.

Since it is your Hegelian duty to inform the mass class of little idiots, that your classless elites do not use government to politic, proclaim benefactor to their wealth, become the law, take your property, benefit their ponzi monetary policies, lie about wealth creation, by propagating the falsehoods of the multipliers that constitute economic growth.

What is good for the policy makers is almost never good for the wage earner, there is no argument that the press can give on government policy that even remotely benefits the earning power of the average wage earner in America. Blame the money changers, yet hide the thieves and cheer on the virtues of social policy disguised as crony capitalism.

Want progress for the class that drives the economy, let them create wealth, in turn let them invest as they please, restructure the tax system, kill the special interest lobbying extortionists, curb the state and it's police powers, reform the tort system, streamline government, make national security the top priority of government, no salary for legislators as they should earn a living like the rest of us, on their own two feet.

For shame, that you phony free press fascists are no better that the classless elites that you protect as the keepers and providers of faceless, forgotten, huddled, leaderless, frightened, ignorant, hapless, uneducated, moronic classes, saturated with nitwits, halfwits, dimwits and endless supply of imbeciles. Waiting for the message from superman that help is on the way. There is no class, middle or forgotten, only the governing class, that has no class, and remains interested in their class and no more, or less.

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