Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stern's Andy Griffith Moment

Andy Stern's Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal, reminds us real simple folk, that an idiot can use the word empirical in an effort to sell the gobbil'in globalist fantasy, that a planned economy is the new wave and that free market system is a fossil and a relic. Toss it into the trash heap of history, states the former head of the Service Employees International Union. Mr. Stern is compounding his argument with the unequivocal belief and confidence, that the Chinese planned top down Austrian model, is the new wave of economic and financial equity with justice for all; well, maybe we'll skip the justice for all part.

Mr. Stern or SEIU President Emeritus, has discovered through the claim of empirical evidence, that the China way is the right way for the working man. In his article, not once does he explain the empirical evidence of his findings that lead him to such a conclusion that the Chicago model is dead. The effects of a government that has no limited powers over it's citizens, no Constitution, private property rights for the individual, checks and balances, personal liberty, the value of the individual, you get the picture.

Let us examine his thoughtful and sophomoric attempt at positioning his position; since Mr. Stern seems ambiguous in his artful assumptions that in planning an economy, that all the blocks, people,the unpredictability of a complex society, based on his rhetorical mindset, shall somehow mesh into his view of the future of new global engine. Missing in his dream like oratory, is the empirical evidence, that the crash cart of Maoist misery is all over his fallacy. Mao's Great Leap Forward was a central planners dream in as far as control was out of the hands of the individual. Mao happy Andy, forgets one important thing, that a man that who is perched, does not need the flock to be closer to the sky.

Privatizing some aspects of the Chinese economy, such as in Hong Kong and the Guangzhou area, both having a history of European business practices, allows China to reach out to a few citizens without having to follow up on any free market principles. Allowing some of the fruits of Capitalism to trickle down is the glove for the invisible hand. But, Mr. Stern ignores the signs and signals of trouble in big China; Beijing's decision to cut bank's reserve requirement ration for the first time in about three years. The PMI dropped 1.4% in October as a sign of further market contraction.

And the obvious, what to do with its huddled masses, once the planned good times fade away into the opium of it's citizen memories. Does Andy the Exemplar, have a grasp of the tidal volume of his lack of understanding, and his overstating of the so called virtues of authoritarian controlled economies; Andy the hangover is coming. One cannot ignore that China has more than economic contraction to worry about, it has social problems within its own proletariat; less the free Tibet crowd, troubled waters are on the horizon.

Until people like Mr. Stern can decipher their wishes from the obvious, then there will always be, Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee, Goober, Gomer, Barney and the town that will always be, Mayberry RFD.

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