Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sophisto Anti-Semitism

In general, sophisto hatred is beleaguered toward virtues such as, but not limited to; freedom, happiness and success. Sophisto support, on the other hand, is usually focused on minorities, women and victims of historical injustice. Surprisingly, sophisto hate towards Jews trumps all the before mentioned virtues. Seemingly, if there is sophistoism, there is anti-semitism. In fact, anti-Semitism is as old as classic Greek- sophistoism, as Greek philosopher Philostratus spoke about the Jews and their “strange customs”. Ubersophistos such as Nietzsche, Lenin, Marx, and Stalin all hated the Jews and illustrates the historical connection between sophistos and anti-Semitism which is strikingly hard to disregard.

Historically, Jews have been one of the most prevalent and ill-treated minorities in the western world; deprived of a homeland the Jewish people have been scattered all over Europe and the United States. Hell, Jews are even a minority in their own part of the world! In other words; Jews are the ultimate minority, more so than whatever aborigine, pigmy or Eskimo you can think of. Even better if the so called “minority” can provide some good peyote or weed in exchange for some support. So, naturally, the sophisto mindset should be to engage in drum-circles, pow-wows and other “supportive” actions to defend and cuddle the vulnerable minority from the evils of capitalism and freedom? Well, the sophisto mind works in mysterious ways; maybe the Jewish minority lacks the connection to narcotics or maybe they are too successful? For some reason the drum-circles were replaced with systematic killing and raping of Jewish settlements and the pow-wows got replaced with slander and defamatory literature. The sophisto mind works in mysterious ways.

Sophistos have a, seemingly, schizophrenic relationship to women, which in some ways is rather normal but on further exploration appears as neurotic as all other sophisto behavior. In the sophisto universe women are women, men are women and gender-neutrality is the ultimate goal. Sophistos work hard to spread the gospel of gender neutrality all over the world, and when in doubt they always side with the most gender neutral culture in any conflict. However, there is one exeption; the Middle East! In the Middle East there is pretty much only one nation not governed by the female-hating sharia-law, namely Israel. In a conflict where 99% of the countries involved have a long history questionable actions towards women, and 1% of the countries (Israel) treats women with the same respect as in the western world, which side should the sophistos support? Hmm, is it worth the effort to save the women if we have to support the Jews? Well, the sophisto mind works in mysterious ways.

Lastly, does the sophisto love for victims of historical injustices trump their hate for the Semites? So called “victims of historical injustices” might be one of the most important issues for sophistos all over the globe. American sophistos rant and rave about the Native Americans that where sacrificed during the westward expansion, without any regard to their own California lifestyle. Support of modern day affirmative action and a hefty financial aid system for any victim of a historical injustice is second nature for a sophisto. Notwithstanding the fact that said historical injustice happened 300 years ago, no injustice is too old for a sophisto to get involved. So what about the Jews, killed in the tens of millions not too long ago? The sophisto mind works in mysterious ways. . .

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