Saturday, January 22, 2011

Noon as...

High noon in DC...Another State of the Union Address, more words than straight talk, more magic moments than Mr. Wooley and yet it is tradition, an American tradition. The President stands alone with a speech, yet spoken, the meaning trapped within the print and the point is without compass.

America has had its share of great orators, writers, humorists, philanthropists, statesman formed from the soil of liberty and freedom, but not bound in it's definition of liberty. Politicians on the other hand, tend to empty the hand that feeds them. A world of mind and temperance, that was once a representation of it's constitution and thus limited by such. All hail Hailstone! Do not ask what Moronica can do for you, but what you can do for Moronica! The State of the Union is the state of the political, morass and blow by.

Our money is fuel for political gain; there are no words left that can explain the extent of such representative dementia. Stealing the dust from your sweat, the politicos have a short time to represent, what amounts to a stake in your capital, by enumerating their powers. Like it or not, it is reality and not an extension of the existential. Paperback or hardcover, the book is written as needed. Just change to language, steal it's meaning, flog the story and beat it down until it is no longer written, and it's pages are reduced to the pound.

No longer a state of union, we have become what amounts to statements about union; and some where inside of the house, together we gather before the mall and remember, that divided we can fall. We shower with praise what we have done, remembering not to forget what is yet to come, sometimes I forget, to remember, that I like my eggs sunny side up; and always before the high that is noon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The holy trinity of sophistoism- Part one

The holy trinity of sophistoism; anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism and intellectual socialism is more alive than ever, like a majestically pyramid of Khufu it manifests its ignorance all over the world, from the lowliest French agent provocateur to the American intellectual elites. Tracing the history and significance of the holy trinity of sophistoism reveal a trident of moronic and hateful statements, large enough to bring envy to Zeus himself. This article will be the first in a series of three, that will trace the roots of and history of three of the dearest tenets of sophisto thought.

Anti-Americanism can be defined as a, petty and somewhat neurotic, need to blame all the problems in the world on one single nation, namely the United States of America. Anti –Americanism, primarily, takes two forms when it is exercised by sophisos worldwide.

The first form is America as a person/individual, this can either be paranoid hippies talking about “the man” or “the machine” standing in their way when they consume illegal drugs or conduct well-fare fraud. “The man” and “the machine” is, furthermore, regularly accused of holding people back and hindering various groups in their pursuit of happiness. Unwillingness to sacrifice oneself for “Uncle Sam” is another common personification of Anti-Americanism. The personification of Anti-Americanism is usually practiced by domestic sophistos who feel that their country is to blame for their own inability to make a living or that their own country stomps on their god given rights to be useless bums. A more sober person would obviously question weather it makes sense for a country to hold people back, afterall how can a country benefit from people being poor? One can, furthermore, ask oneself why prohibition against heavy drug use and a respect for the national defense-forces is a bad thing? Well. Sophistoism isn’t logical. Maybe it is just an inherent hate for the rule of law, capitalism and national pride?

The second part of the sophisto Anti-Americanism is a constant hate of ANY American foreign policy, true sophisto weather he is domestic or international hates all actions taken by the United States on the international arena. A true sophisto is even bitter about the U.S. fighting and defeating the Nazis during WW2. The, so called, international Anti-Americanism is usually preceded by a civil war, occupation or natural disaster in a third-world country, followed by a lack of action or, sometimes, malign action by said national government. The sophisto backed United Nothings or the so-called “International Community” fail to provide any assistance, and is more times than not only capable of hashing out an ad-hoc resolution a couple of years later. At this point everybody calls out for the U.S. to step up and provide help. Now, the U.S. has two options; either does nothing and waits for the called “International Community” to act, which will lead to nothing at all, and the U.S. gets the blame for not doing anything. The second option is to act and save thousands, or in the case of WW2 millions of lives. Saving lives is not that important for sophistoes, who will accuse the U.S. of “cultural imperialism” and being an occupational force. After all, hating the U.S. is way more important than human lives, right?

In short, sophisto Anti-Americanism can be explained as either a personalized hate for the nation of the United States of America or a blatant hate of any American foreign policy, good or bad. One can clearly see that, for the sophisto, Anti-Americanism is more important than tenets like freedom, rule of law and fighting the Nazis during WW2.

Next post will trace the history of sophisto Anti-Semitism.