Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LJB's Way

Perhaps, the Sophistos should lean in and browse the legacy of one of their own. Lyndon Baines Johnson, fighting the good fight for the little man. From his time as a House Democrat during FDR's New Deal, into the end of Harry Truman's presidency, then US Senator from 1949 t0 1961. In a way his ideas reflect the trials and trauma that is theory. LBJ formed from the shadows of FDR's new deal and Darwin under the man, whom was his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin's Zoonomia. What captivated Charles more than ever was how popular his writings became, Huxley and all that.

The EPA is here to stay...Stuart Udell Johnson's Secretary of the Interior from 1963 to 1969, went to great lengths to push mother nature to the public ocular TV. By adapting a liberal energy policy, attempting to have these policies controlled by the government instead of combining market demand and limited regulation from Washington.

Today, the EPA is in its own right is a creation of Darwin's stardom. To launch, untethered from the realm of a naturalist, to an obsessive creationist in his own right. Darwin, bent on creating a link, a scientific link between the evolution of nature's passengers, by trying to link a chain of cohesiveness in nature's survival of the fittest.

Darwin is to the secular, as Marx is to socialisims emergence. Their means to such movements carried forward by their disciples, remains to be grafted into reason, by the means of production, into a creation of the means, and the removal of god, and its duality from historical deduction's Aquinas of reason, to its long march to unreason. Darwinism, can be summed up in a font of removing god from the evolutionary process, dismissed without a trace. Yes, Darwin went beyond the science of his time and drafted several works, including "the origin of species and the descent of man."

Darwin carefully crafted his works based on a reductionist theory. Still, even though his scientific friends, Sedgwick, Henslow, Owen and Lyell, disagreed with Darwin's conclusion of the fossil evidence that he presented in his theories on the evolution of man. Darwin, still had not answered his sceptics on transmutation, thus fueling more suspicion amongst others whom specialized in such fossil findings. With mounting agony, Darwin forged onward trying to piece together a secular materialist vision of man's evolution, based on a catalyst and that being death, through the survival of the fittest.

Mind all of his work was not as unique as the materialists claim, Das Kapital and all. Records point to evolutions earliest origins and can be traced to that earliest known Epicurean philosopher Lucretius. Based on the theory that all of existence can be traced to the random action of atoms in the universe. This premise being the rage of the 18th century sophistos, that it gave way to the deists and the atheist movements of the current era. Then, his precious theory was meet head on by " vestiges of the natural history of creation." Darwin not unique in his conclusions! How can that be?

The folly in such blind faith in theories, because they may fit a certain social concern through which an idea or ideas, can be inserted neatly and scientifically, to fit inside a rhetorical self centered debate, with the idea being the reality. Playing idealistic roulette with inductive science for political and social reasons, are as dangerous as good intentions disguised as science. In a way, LBJ's way, the great society, in a way, the EPA and scientific reductionism. In a way, his way, LBJ had in a precautionary principled way, as in Darwin's day, good intentions.

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