Monday, April 26, 2010

Second Hand Thinking

Perhaps the politicos might want to rejoice in their perceived unity of faith and second thoughts. The obvious pursuant in burying decisions in a colleague of an Alice in Wonderland world of new ideas and creative social engineered policy makers, in that lies a dialectical Dante's Inferno. Expanding on a Darwinist evolution of specious attacks on free market principles, while standing on their populist soapbox, the progressives stand to lose sight of the nose that rests on the face of Smith's magnum opus on freedom and economics.

Perhaps the war on obesity, trying to regulate the Internet as a public utility, attempting to ultra-regulate all forms of industry leads one down the NRA memory lane. Does this administration really come to the conclusion that the only Washington unabated can lead us from temptation? Whom are we protecting, the cabbie in Hoboken, the blacksmith in Rock Springs, the best boy in Culver City?

Why aren't the principles of freedom, liberty, free markets, capitalism, the natural rights of man, individuals bill of rights, the natural inclination to be free be promoted as virtue and the natural conquest of individuality... instead of being hijacked by the collective thieves of reason?

Reason one...the French miracle, the discover of intellectual reason that lead to two centuries of war and chaos under the guise of revolution. Regardless of the empirical evidence of decline and the conflicts of the intelligentsia in creating an abstract form of reason.

Reason two...the reason being reasoned played from the top down, enlightenment does not formulate from the top it festers in the bottom. This distortion of reality is a common theme found in all intellectual groups, the lack of engendering forms of experience. How far is too far removed?

Reason Three...mistakes in soft science is more destructive than a failure in hard science. The 20th century is full of soft science folly, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Pinochet, Idi Amin, Ho Chi Min, Gerhart Eisler, Lukacs, Chavez, Bela Kun, Che', Andre Malraux, Mussolini, Franco, Nazis, Fascists, Communists, Maoists, North Korea, Liberalism, Hitler and Woody Allen.

Reason Four...Maximizing Ideologies...Hailing Hegel, Marx, Malthus, Nietzsche, Darwin, Freud, Marcuse, John Dewey, Wilhelm Reich, The Cheka Intellectuals, Frankfurt school, Muenzenberg,
Anarchy, Nihilism, National Social Democratic party, secularism, Anthropological social engineering, Constitutional perversity, Egalitarianism, Pavlovian Utopia, Relativism realities, Governmental entitlements, Educational tyranny, Spectacle entertainment, Irrelevancy Obsessions, Existentialism.

Reason Five...Intellectual Purgatory...The rationing of objective reality, by criminalizing empirical evidence. By continually reinventing reality, the sanctimonious sophist or the modern sophisto, have conquered the art of the fallacy. Scientific propaganda has reached epic levels of toxicity, by debasing the value of the individual through ignoring the natural duality of man.

Reason Six...God like symptoms of the universe...Marx expounds on a challenge to god and the hatred of life, "I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above...I wander godlike through the ruins of the world...I feel equal to the creator. Everything in existence is worth being destroyed." No wonder when clarity is suppressed...stupidity itself reigns supreme. The progressives mission is to destroy and not to edify; their passion for destruction is a creative passion.

Reason Seven...The Sophistos visceral contempt for common sense and the common man. Tough with grit and sweat, the common free man and through the death of mercantilism; practical man has unleashed a power of creativity and commerce unmatched at anytime in human history. Such contempt for the productive citizen hath no friend in centering their focus on the works of the soft science crowd and lacking in the sense that is so common in the common man who has driven Capitalism to new heights, by raising a creativity in free market principles. Without a functioning rational, the intelligentsia remains infused with totalitarian rational as they rationalize resentment...

Reason Eight...Descartes, " I think, therefore I am." A point of self realization and the embryo of moral relativism...By banishing Descartes, we move forward from the abstract of being to a functioning rational of ethics and moral clarity. To think that rational alone moves humanity in such a fashion is clearly folly and fiction. To speak of promise and yet deliver ambiguity of meaning; is unto itself to think like Descartes...

Reason Nine...Paradiso, "all'alta fantasia qui manco`possa," literally looking into the face of god. To be me or just to be...abstract or allegorical? Is this canon or the acceptance of principles bound socially in utilitarian monologues? Kant we just get confusing a moral autonomy for a persons lack of understanding its meaning unto itself. So to ration free will by claiming that it is inconceivable that a person is capable of knowing or understanding their freedom; likens the maxim to control the act, thereby reducing its worth into a categorical imperative of good will and moral duty.

In Kahlil Gibran's "Satan" the traveler is confined by the dilemma of good will and moral duty. The traveller is bound by his utilitarian principles for all the greater good...should I let Satan lie or would God be if the antithesis is gone? To kill god, then fear ceases, to exit from causation results in absence; and utility becomes its own relevance. How can morality be graded on deference if it is perceived as indifferent to its cause? By claiming that morality is in of itself relative to the cultural morality of the society. You invite second hand thinking; to ignore the difference between the morality in supporting and maintaining the promotion of life or cling to the subjective idea, that it is the idea that contains the morality.

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