Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mao was right!

As chairman Mao proudly explained; “a revolution is not a dinner party”, and it surely isn’t, just ask the French. During the election-process Chairman O pulled out his proverbial guillotine and went Robespierre on everything that assembled common sense. Our behavior, as related to climate, healthcare and war against our enemies, both home and abroad, was subjected to a Jacobine treatment a la Terreur. The invisible hand of Smith was supposed to lose its grip on healthcare in favor of the iron fist of Stalin, our Chairmans global empeacement tour was suposed to hit its crecendo by raised gas taxes and lowered industrial production and our enemies home and abroad were saved by a Nobel price and a ban on guns and a global peace effort. The sophistoes where celebrating in coffe shops and libraries all over the country. The only thing standing between the Potchemkin-sized changes proposed by our Chairman and our liberties was us, the proverbial les enragés, strait out of the reign of terror! One after another the sophisto bricks nonsensical Freudianism fell and crumbled like the Berlin wall.
The sophisto revolution started with Chairman O making promise after promise of free healthcare for all and peace to all mankind. O made no mention of tax hikes, sub-standard treatment and overfilled hospitals financed by 5 year plans and tremendous lending from his brothers in the east. Ironically, the politburo, fueled by pure sophisto arrogance, lost the orcas seat and suddenly a monkey wrench of reality was thrown into the doomsday device of socialist-healthcare machinery. Sophisto style dictatorship of the unemployed proletariat was thwarted by good old American democracy.
Second on the list was a global appeasement tour starting with kisses, hugs and bows to sultans and kings in the Far East, culmination with a Nobel peace prize and a global warming conference in Copenhagen of Hamlets Denmark. Much like Shakespeare’s play, the trip to Denmark turned in to a tragedy of Orwellian proportions for Chairman O and his sophisto minions. The sophisto onslaught was massive; the “academic” community agreed that the evil capitalism and freedom of choice was to blame for the massive climate changes once discovered by noted scientist Al Gore. The sophisto offensive took a page out of Comrade Stalins book and even suggested that denial of the teachings of Rev.Gore cold be classified as a mental disorder. Following in the footstep of Rev.Gore, Chairman O was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by a handful of drunken Scandinavian university sophisotes. One can only imagine the self-loving smirk they had on their faces when they crawled home from the French-red-wine-binge at the local bar that night. However, common sense once again prevailed! Global warming was debunked as a fraud, the communist climate agreements caved in to free market common sense and Rev.Gore was nowhere to be found. The Peace Price wasn’t even legitimized in its home country and the ceremony was largely ignored by the common man.
The third nail on Chairman O’s revolutionary trident was to give peace to our enemies, home and abroad. Terrorists were supposed to liberated and treated with hugs and kisses instead of good old torture. In communist USA we have no enemies! Guns were to be taken away and leave to common man dependent on the government for protection, in communist USA we are all brothers! Luckily common sense and outrage prevailed! Our enemies are still given what they deserve and gun sales are soaring all over the nation.
It turns out that public outcries in the shape of tea-parties are leading a revolution of their own! Chairman Mao was right about a revolution not being a dinner party! The peoples revolution is a tea-party!

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