Monday, December 28, 2009

Slaughter House Sophisto

When does Mao become an example of a political philosophy that one can rely on for inspiration and how does Mother Theresa’s sacrifice in championing the poor, become a political philosophy. The new trumpeter of young minds, his dictator at large Mr. Benito Obama’s own hand picked pickled piper of post modern ideological excess. None other than Anita Dunn…in the truest sense of a sophisto of the highest order, she proclaims that when she is in need of a philosophical pick me up, she reaches for Mr. Slaughter house sophisto himself, the one, the only chairman of the board! Mao Ze Dong, the Chinese `Che, the keeper of liberty, the propaganda polemist himself, the Socrates of sacrifice.

Anita the Dunn made reference in her analogy to Mao’s persistence in removing Chiang Kai Shek, resident imperialist in thanks to the US government the ultimate working class crusher… Sarcasm for you sophistos of Maoist leanings. What did Mao have that he was needed to rescue the peasants? He had Mao as his main interest…now Crusher Shek was no daisy at all. Combining alliances, armies and a centralizing power grab from the resident warlords of the time, a daunting task at that. Even though Chiang Kia Shek had ties to Stalin, he used the alliance with the CCP or the Chinese Communist Party and the Soviets in order to move toward Chinese unification. This comradeship was more cherished by the CCP and the USSR more than General Shek himself.

Perhaps Comrade Dunn was implying that Shek-akahn, Bukharin and the leaders of the CCP plotted with the imperialists, capitalists…not a political ideology…from allowing the peasant uprising in the name of Marxism and egalitarian principles. Taking control of the means of production by first destroying the machinery…sound familiar Obamamanians? Mmm…Mr. Mao or a freer democratic government of Taiwan? Let me think about that one…She implies that Mao the leader of the peasant uprising, a man of peace most always play Janus, was kept from having their emancipation moment. She also implies through some fine sophisto speak that Adolph Shek began a degeneration spiral from the top down…sounds familiar…thereby crushing the middle class that the chairman of the board relied on to push Shek’s armies north and finally to Formosa.

March with Mao; give away the Obama game plan…use the peasants as the objective of your strategy. Promise a political fairness to the middle class, revoke the individual with the state, have your agrarian platform. Bemoan the soullessness of Capitalism, the carnage of the unknowing simpletons that litter their minds with emptiness only waiting for the minimalist to reduce common sense to Pavlovian propaganda.

Far from the statist relying on faith, a moral code, sacrifice, squalor and selflessness, Mother Theresa asks of no one, expects of no one gave a hand of comfort devoid of control and self interest. Her life was an individual composition and a choice of her own free a will free from external factors as the sole source of life guidance. Her manner and deeds were her philosophy…this concept confuses the sophisto as there is nothing to destroy, free from the means of production, far from the self fulfilling creation of their intellectual evolution. This nun was as distant as Einstein’s theory of relativity is to the post modernist relavitivism of the concept of existence less the slaughter house that was the People’s Republic of Mao.

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