Monday, December 28, 2009


The Sophistos are celebrating their victory lap while simultaneously claiming that the king is dead. As Shopistos are saturated with the desire to see reform in action from their Cromwelleon leader, Lord Protector of America, while his hemlock cascades with in the promises of change. Obama I revised the notion that the Constitution does provide the constitutionality of a National Covenant of tax payers religiously giving to the community chest. Congress has devalued capitalism's inherent risks of financial lending principles and investing capital without sophisticated equations, instead it created a mandate of quantitive economic slating of the market to push the risks of an artificial financial intelligence.

Central financial scrabble, ergo, scrutinizing the inherent risk with the infusion of tax dollars that beguiles the public’s trust as congress steals away its accountability to the people. Lead by Obama I and his pretensions to absolutism, the public is being duped by an ideology of crisis, collectivism and fear. Relying on soft serve pragmatism, Obama I and his parliament reinstate the theoretical maxims of the German enlightenment.

Nietzsche meets Obama, estranged from natural law as a man who has reached his critical point in his duality. The Lord Protector’s scientific moral creationism enlightenment movement, now with the urge to dominate and master, thorough and transcending the sanctum of moral transcendence by creating morals. America’s community activist has embraced Darwinian principles and adds to the death of religious underpinnings in his quest to move metaphysical morality to the stage of his constructive works and to discover the will to power.

His style of character and will to manage the future by reorganizing duplicity in dignity with Nietzsche’s Superman in order to experience immense and protracted meaning in the meaningless world of the common man. Our Lord Protector shall proclaim throughout the land that excess leads to ignorance and want. The reformer promises to master the difficulty of existence, and give meaning to our lives and restore hope and transparency of the Superman and the American way.

Constructing hope from fear, the Lord Protector shall define the ideal man's leader of leaders as he projects the future of a new morality in conceptual government assistance. Pay your penance while Obama I becomes the ideal man, with his sublimation of ideas as he overcomes his self coronation. When the ideal man achieves his self overcoming then he shall bask in a wave of creative energy, in order to propel the ideal man into his justification of reality, his reality, his cult of personality, his reformation…

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