Monday, December 28, 2009


Reason is a term used freely in conversation, along with rational, rationalization and now almost a cliché, do the right thing. What is the right thing and how do we rationalize that reason and use it to make our point. What is this right thing, to some it is an abstract concept embraced by the idealist, a collective rightness, self rightness and its angry cousin, self righteousness.

Backed by popular thought and demand, do the right thing is thrown about on a myriad of topics. Pay your fair share of taxes, be patriotic and do the right thing as stated by Senator Biden, he himself almost a progressive collectivist. This concept is not new to our country and with its roots in the Woodrow Wilson ideology of what is right for America, his Platonic Republic framed as a progressive national movement in America to parallel Europe’s 19th century nationalist wars in concept. A collective lockstep of ideological framework, and with the assistance of organizations such as, the War Industries Board, run by Bernard Baruch, a social financial engineer and controlling figure of economic mobilization with legal powers and he made many of those decisions free from recommendations, sounds like Federal progression into free market industry. Interesting, considering that he ran an investment firm and refused to be a part of any other financial firm on Wall street and in turn he was considered a lone wolf on Wall street, and in turn he acted like an individual and capitalist. Wilson during World War I was the central figure in this wars planning phase in operating within the framework of the war industry and often Mussolini like in ruling with an iron fist. His plan was to run the war industries completely and within the oversight of the WIB and with Baruch, now a progressive Hegelian at the helm.

Sound familiar, the current financial fiasco, no thanks to Congress as the new fairness revolutionaries of the secular causation and effective dialectical materialists, have landed the financial markets on their proverbial heads, and shaking the free market system to its foundation. This economic “fairness doctrine” that spawned from the 1977 Community Revitalization Act has done nothing as intended, but shore up the hot rails of greed and idealistic opportunity, that is devoid of any pragmatic historical references that benefit the markets basic instincts to fluctuate within reason. New Deal tactics and reformation should not fly in the face of reason; good rationalized reason that is full of practical reason, such as less Federal Government and more Adam Smith with a touch of market regulation, as we can agree that laissez faire is not everywhere, nor is it likely to return under current economic philosophy. Unless Ricardoian thought on his “Law of Rent” and in turn giving to Marx’s theory on exploitation of labor, is pronounced dead and gone with his ideological corpse given to academia to render.

Leave the markets for the free, secure and ethical, let the rugged individualism of this country move obstacles and prolong the long standing principles of the classical model of Smith’s magnum opus. We need more individual responsibility, not more economic pseudo Keynesian propaganda, but more referrals to history that works in conjunction with ethics and morals. As George Washington stated, “we have abundant reason to rejoice, that in this land, the light of truth and reason has triumphed over the power of bigotry and superstition, and that every person may here worship god according to the dictates of his own heart.” The translation, ethics and morals have a basis in reason and truth; our nation based its truths in natural law, natural rights given to all men, based on the rational, that reason based truths are the truths that should be self evident and not self destructing.

The world does not need trickle down ideology, but limited influence from the 19th century German enlightenment, the vehicle for the French secular movement, spawned by Robespierre and his reformation propagandists, thus trading monarchy for tyranny. It is that simple, as the historical references are long and painful. Now, take a deep collective breath you free radical thinkers of your self proclaimed age of enlightenment, and rejoice that you are still free, constitutionally free, individually free, to do the right thing.

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