Monday, December 28, 2009

Father Christmas

Father Christmas gimme your money, make me some and make it for free. Please be nice, every time you think of me and think of me twice. Father Christmas; take from them all, all from which they have made for me. Father Christmas, leave me alone, now go and find a new place to roam. Father Christmas, I think that this time, I’ll just blame someone else for my crime. Father Christmas, how can you be, when Pelosi is still in front of me? Father Christmas, what do I see right in front of me, how is it that you can be, if you are not gender free. Father Christmas, pass it on, give it to me and I still want it for free. Father Christmas, working hard is just not the life for me. Father Christmas; please send to me, a post modernist for under our tree, I want as far as I can see. Father Christmas, blind me not, as I want my very own Pol Pot. Father Christmas, please send me a star, make it red, as I want my very own Czar. Father Christmas, hide my thoughts, as it may not be the time to think for free. Father Christmas, where is all the glee, are my thoughts really there just for me.

Father Christmas, watch out for progress, with all of its ghost’s clamoring while Lenin boasts. Father Christmas, where is Herr Hegel, when you need him the most, please, please send him he‘ll make a good host. Father Christmas, I want my very own manifesto, complete with Engels and Uncle Karl‘s crescendo. Father Christmas, see that I am safe, and please save me from all systemic risk. Father Christmas, hide the sugar plums, oh silly me, I actually thought that they were really FDA free. Father Christmas; hide me from Pigou, before he betrays us once and for all. Father Christmas, give to our Keynesians, any luxury for under their tree and please do say that they are from me. Father Christmas, how can it be, I want my Mao sitting right next to me. Father Christmas, please send a card to the aristocracy in DC, fill it with glee then pass it to me. Father Christmas; send me a tome, that won‘t confuse me like a Mia Angelo poem. Father Christmas; give me a German for under my tree, how about a Kant and Nietzsche for me. Father Christmas, please do remind me, that the collective is really never for free. Father Christmas, what else can you do, how about a Sophisto smarter than you.

Father Christmas, is it true, that they really care for me as much as you? Father Christmas, when will they send me a check, so I can get out from under this wreck? Father Christmas, I am in a bind, falling further and lagging behind. Father Christmas, save me from gain, please stop me from working insane. Father Christmas; give me my very own world, one that only I can see it for free. Father Christmas, who needs an objective reality, when I can just subtract it from Nietzsche. Father Christmas, why do I bemoan, I do still have property of my own. Father Christmas, give it to all and please protect me from all that Gaul. Father Christmas, take my will, leave me no freedom that I can spill. Father Christmas, as you can see, the list is too long to be just for me. Father Christmas; please take from me, all that I earn individually, give collectively to all for free.

Father Christmas, please Von Bismarck me, give me my own cult of personality. Father Christmas, I am feeling down, can I speak to Woodrow Wilson if he is still in town. Father Christmas, bequeath to me, my very own progressive Hegelian tree. Father Christmas, send me anarchy and I promise to share it with Trotsky, you just wait and see. Father Christmas, do I need to rely on just me, why can’t I have it all for free? Father Christmas, send it all, just give it to me, one and all. Father Christmas; help me to forget, all that is history without any regret. Father Christmas; please do not lock me out, I need a window for Darwin to see out. Father Christmas, where is our exceptionalism, is it the time for a progressive reality. Father Christmas, please send from the mount, a man of intellectual purity and FDR’s clout. Father Christmas, take my self sufficiency and mix it sufficiently all the way out. Father Christmas, as you can see, the holiday is just too much for me. Father Christmas, so much to see, please give good tidings to Stalin for me…

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