Saturday, March 22, 2014

Selective Outrage (Follow the Money)

The post modern utilitarian is back at it again, from boycotting dates from Israel to selective environmentalism. Somewhere and some how the academic sophistos are convinced that Chicken Little was a historical figure and that the proverbial ski fell upon mankind. From the cottage industries of Climate change, "follow the money." Racism, "follow the money" Income inequity, "follow the money." Green industries, "follow the money." ACA, "follow the money."

Their need to disrupt and deconstruct western culture with the relabellings of historical events thru out the world, clinging to the notation that their activism, "follow the money," some how raises the awareness bar to Icarus like heights. Not only does this set the format for the argument that in order to progress, we need to repress,  like Icarus, "common dude." Since Icarus has his feathered wings covered with wax by his father and was told not to fly too close to the sun,, "the sophisto's knowledge base,"or the wax coating "reality," would melt from his wings. So, Icarus flew too high, by his own choice, trying to reach the heights of the sophisto supermen.

So, we set the bar for progress, for the sake of progress, thereby creating an alternate reality, where the shophistos roam free, and to create their own version of Sir Thomas More's utopian, intolerant vacillating plane of existential reality at any cost. Wind energy at an environmental cost such as the deaths of hundreds of migratory birds, birds of prey, bats and so on, sometimes into the thousands. The enviros response, selective outrage when an animal is found dead next to an oil well, kill the Keystone pipeline!

Want a narrow and intolerant selective outrage, manufacture an emotional response, pick a target, get funding and then, attack. Create a helpless group of a potential  voting block, create a point of selective outrage,"voter identification" add some racism and a heavy does of disenfranchising, "follow the money."
Immigration reform, "follow the money." It is not what is good for the country, but what can "MY," the activist's narrow vision of what the definition of "my" agenda, and what can I get from it no matter the cost or damage to society.

Make work irrelevant, create leisure time all the time, do not agree with me, sue me, do not want personal responsibility, blame me, hate America, blame me, class warfare, blame me, inequity, blame me, hate your life, blame me. Consume, but with equality, share with your enlightened frivolity, be free to create any form of social outrage, real or not, be cool, be a hipster, tell me that you are smarter than me. Select what I cannot see, be gentle with me and do tell me that, I should not think like me, as only you can select for me, the outrage that is righteous for me.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Class, but their class

Here we go again, the classless are on the move with their policies and politics. Make no bones about this election, as the phony call for the middle class to be rounded up and feed the propaganda of a hijacked republic is in full swing. How many cliches does it take for the folks out there to wake up and realize that it is not about the so called middle class, but the sophisto class at the policy blackboard. With their phony racism, class struggle, fairness, do what is right relativism madness that bends to the policies that do not benefit anybody but, their class.

You idiots in the media, or whatever you call yourselves. Making points that belong in a propagandist camp of dead German idealists; and then you package it as fact, like shrink wrapped existentialism. You factoid pushers, stick that needle into the arm of relevancy and push the smack of the classless into the beast of your phoney class warfare titans. You hold the drinks of the classless, you shame the free press as you buy more drinks for the classless. You stick the profound ideas that formed this republic into a nice little footnote of an historical outdated deleted file of simple idiots. You spit on everyone that is not you, except the classless.

Since it is your Hegelian duty to inform the mass class of little idiots, that your classless elites do not use government to politic, proclaim benefactor to their wealth, become the law, take your property, benefit their ponzi monetary policies, lie about wealth creation, by propagating the falsehoods of the multipliers that constitute economic growth.

What is good for the policy makers is almost never good for the wage earner, there is no argument that the press can give on government policy that even remotely benefits the earning power of the average wage earner in America. Blame the money changers, yet hide the thieves and cheer on the virtues of social policy disguised as crony capitalism.

Want progress for the class that drives the economy, let them create wealth, in turn let them invest as they please, restructure the tax system, kill the special interest lobbying extortionists, curb the state and it's police powers, reform the tort system, streamline government, make national security the top priority of government, no salary for legislators as they should earn a living like the rest of us, on their own two feet.

For shame, that you phony free press fascists are no better that the classless elites that you protect as the keepers and providers of faceless, forgotten, huddled, leaderless, frightened, ignorant, hapless, uneducated, moronic classes, saturated with nitwits, halfwits, dimwits and endless supply of imbeciles. Waiting for the message from superman that help is on the way. There is no class, middle or forgotten, only the governing class, that has no class, and remains interested in their class and no more, or less.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stern's Andy Griffith Moment

Andy Stern's Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal, reminds us real simple folk, that an idiot can use the word empirical in an effort to sell the gobbil'in globalist fantasy, that a planned economy is the new wave and that free market system is a fossil and a relic. Toss it into the trash heap of history, states the former head of the Service Employees International Union. Mr. Stern is compounding his argument with the unequivocal belief and confidence, that the Chinese planned top down Austrian model, is the new wave of economic and financial equity with justice for all; well, maybe we'll skip the justice for all part.

Mr. Stern or SEIU President Emeritus, has discovered through the claim of empirical evidence, that the China way is the right way for the working man. In his article, not once does he explain the empirical evidence of his findings that lead him to such a conclusion that the Chicago model is dead. The effects of a government that has no limited powers over it's citizens, no Constitution, private property rights for the individual, checks and balances, personal liberty, the value of the individual, you get the picture.

Let us examine his thoughtful and sophomoric attempt at positioning his position; since Mr. Stern seems ambiguous in his artful assumptions that in planning an economy, that all the blocks, people,the unpredictability of a complex society, based on his rhetorical mindset, shall somehow mesh into his view of the future of new global engine. Missing in his dream like oratory, is the empirical evidence, that the crash cart of Maoist misery is all over his fallacy. Mao's Great Leap Forward was a central planners dream in as far as control was out of the hands of the individual. Mao happy Andy, forgets one important thing, that a man that who is perched, does not need the flock to be closer to the sky.

Privatizing some aspects of the Chinese economy, such as in Hong Kong and the Guangzhou area, both having a history of European business practices, allows China to reach out to a few citizens without having to follow up on any free market principles. Allowing some of the fruits of Capitalism to trickle down is the glove for the invisible hand. But, Mr. Stern ignores the signs and signals of trouble in big China; Beijing's decision to cut bank's reserve requirement ration for the first time in about three years. The PMI dropped 1.4% in October as a sign of further market contraction.

And the obvious, what to do with its huddled masses, once the planned good times fade away into the opium of it's citizen memories. Does Andy the Exemplar, have a grasp of the tidal volume of his lack of understanding, and his overstating of the so called virtues of authoritarian controlled economies; Andy the hangover is coming. One cannot ignore that China has more than economic contraction to worry about, it has social problems within its own proletariat; less the free Tibet crowd, troubled waters are on the horizon.

Until people like Mr. Stern can decipher their wishes from the obvious, then there will always be, Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee, Goober, Gomer, Barney and the town that will always be, Mayberry RFD.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tsumami Economics

The current status of the American economy can be attributed in part to crony capitalism. Take General Electric and tie that into the green markets, with wind turbines, solar panels and even nuclear power. Without federal subsidies, there would not be a market for our friends or fiends, at the place where good things come to life. Is there really a free market for nuclear reactors? GE is into transportation, energy, public utilities as a supplier of equipment, the medical device industry.

Who supported Obama care, not I said the little man, but GE, said the Hobbsion gadfly. So he who rides on my plane so to tell, yet he must still remain, if we are to refrain in , said the prince of all that is Machiavellian. Why Mr. Immelt, I should say; but nave, is it not so, that I am for the forgotten man. No my prince, whom rules over all that is less then thou, it is truly in your best interest, to be feared, and not loved to distraction, in order to disguise the fear, with the need for a redeemer. Alas, then all shall love you as the great emancipator of the common ignorant, and perhaps, just maybe, you'll be the next emancipator of the constitutionaly chained, and done so with homage and utility .

Pull us up by the bootstraps and settle the score, as America is settled, and you my prince settled the score. Prop up the housing market with subsidies, with glee, and programs that are funded by the second QE. Who needs the basement he said with a sigh, when we have GSE to raise the risks to on high. To be brilliant or right, to be clever with facility, with data, intellectual cleverness, supported with quickness, less with fact, that is the persuasion.

Soren Kierkegaard once said, " Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward." Take the notion that systemic risk can be somehow regulated through the bureaucracy, is likened to the Dodd-Frank act, as being a reefer of fiscal sanity. Economist Frank Knight once stated, that knowing in no uncertainty that you know the odds of future events, but in turn you cannot know the odds. So is uncertainty uncertain, of course not, it is as certain as not knowing the odds of knowing, the odds of certainty.

Take Sir Isaac Newton's rule, as it relates to the South Sea company of 1720 and its conjoined bubble. Mr. Newton purchased stock, doubles his investment and then sold out. Systemic risk, sure, uncertainty, why yes, ingenious, maybe not, a genius, not exactly. Well timed, sure at that moment before the bubble burst! Sir Isaac Newton, genius in his field, absolutely! A transferable genius in understanding systemic risk in market ventures, no way! Newton buys stock in the South Sea company again, as it's value rises, the market tanks, the bubble cooks off, and Isaac is left holding his Newtonian brilliance. In the aftermath, Sir Isaac Newton reflects on his understanding of the occasion as stated, "I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people."

To use intellect as a substitute for the practical, and cleverness as a gauge for reading the financial tea leafs, is dangerous at best. The dangers of good intention and persuasion, leads us to the micro encroachments of vested interests, and in turn contribute to the exaggeration of those ideas. Green energy, urban utopias, clean living via education and collective conditioning. GSE housing exchanges, the promise of an intellectual immortality, through science and technology. Clever as it may seem, the techno-sophisto has even suggested, that artificial intelligence has a place in reducing Systemic Risk.

Really: A.I. The intellectual seems to have with clever temptress, found another solution to quickly install a modem in which the argument can be made, based on persuasion alone. By affirming the affirmative, the sophisto, uses a modus ponens to establish so called fact, by branding the affirmed idea as fact. In fact, they argue that to be brilliant is to be right, in the fact that their premise forms the affirmation, that they must be right. Right; to play to the ideas of persuasion as Mr. Keynes once professed, " after a certain interval, soon or late, it is ideas, not vested interests which are dangerous, for good or evil." It is the Newton rule, that plays to the vested interests, that ride the economic wave of a Machiavellian brilliance that most certainty is, not always right.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sophisto Anti-Semitism

In general, sophisto hatred is beleaguered toward virtues such as, but not limited to; freedom, happiness and success. Sophisto support, on the other hand, is usually focused on minorities, women and victims of historical injustice. Surprisingly, sophisto hate towards Jews trumps all the before mentioned virtues. Seemingly, if there is sophistoism, there is anti-semitism. In fact, anti-Semitism is as old as classic Greek- sophistoism, as Greek philosopher Philostratus spoke about the Jews and their “strange customs”. Ubersophistos such as Nietzsche, Lenin, Marx, and Stalin all hated the Jews and illustrates the historical connection between sophistos and anti-Semitism which is strikingly hard to disregard.

Historically, Jews have been one of the most prevalent and ill-treated minorities in the western world; deprived of a homeland the Jewish people have been scattered all over Europe and the United States. Hell, Jews are even a minority in their own part of the world! In other words; Jews are the ultimate minority, more so than whatever aborigine, pigmy or Eskimo you can think of. Even better if the so called “minority” can provide some good peyote or weed in exchange for some support. So, naturally, the sophisto mindset should be to engage in drum-circles, pow-wows and other “supportive” actions to defend and cuddle the vulnerable minority from the evils of capitalism and freedom? Well, the sophisto mind works in mysterious ways; maybe the Jewish minority lacks the connection to narcotics or maybe they are too successful? For some reason the drum-circles were replaced with systematic killing and raping of Jewish settlements and the pow-wows got replaced with slander and defamatory literature. The sophisto mind works in mysterious ways.

Sophistos have a, seemingly, schizophrenic relationship to women, which in some ways is rather normal but on further exploration appears as neurotic as all other sophisto behavior. In the sophisto universe women are women, men are women and gender-neutrality is the ultimate goal. Sophistos work hard to spread the gospel of gender neutrality all over the world, and when in doubt they always side with the most gender neutral culture in any conflict. However, there is one exeption; the Middle East! In the Middle East there is pretty much only one nation not governed by the female-hating sharia-law, namely Israel. In a conflict where 99% of the countries involved have a long history questionable actions towards women, and 1% of the countries (Israel) treats women with the same respect as in the western world, which side should the sophistos support? Hmm, is it worth the effort to save the women if we have to support the Jews? Well, the sophisto mind works in mysterious ways.

Lastly, does the sophisto love for victims of historical injustices trump their hate for the Semites? So called “victims of historical injustices” might be one of the most important issues for sophistos all over the globe. American sophistos rant and rave about the Native Americans that where sacrificed during the westward expansion, without any regard to their own California lifestyle. Support of modern day affirmative action and a hefty financial aid system for any victim of a historical injustice is second nature for a sophisto. Notwithstanding the fact that said historical injustice happened 300 years ago, no injustice is too old for a sophisto to get involved. So what about the Jews, killed in the tens of millions not too long ago? The sophisto mind works in mysterious ways. . .

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Noon as...

High noon in DC...Another State of the Union Address, more words than straight talk, more magic moments than Mr. Wooley and yet it is tradition, an American tradition. The President stands alone with a speech, yet spoken, the meaning trapped within the print and the point is without compass.

America has had its share of great orators, writers, humorists, philanthropists, statesman formed from the soil of liberty and freedom, but not bound in it's definition of liberty. Politicians on the other hand, tend to empty the hand that feeds them. A world of mind and temperance, that was once a representation of it's constitution and thus limited by such. All hail Hailstone! Do not ask what Moronica can do for you, but what you can do for Moronica! The State of the Union is the state of the political, morass and blow by.

Our money is fuel for political gain; there are no words left that can explain the extent of such representative dementia. Stealing the dust from your sweat, the politicos have a short time to represent, what amounts to a stake in your capital, by enumerating their powers. Like it or not, it is reality and not an extension of the existential. Paperback or hardcover, the book is written as needed. Just change to language, steal it's meaning, flog the story and beat it down until it is no longer written, and it's pages are reduced to the pound.

No longer a state of union, we have become what amounts to statements about union; and some where inside of the house, together we gather before the mall and remember, that divided we can fall. We shower with praise what we have done, remembering not to forget what is yet to come, sometimes I forget, to remember, that I like my eggs sunny side up; and always before the high that is noon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The holy trinity of sophistoism- Part one

The holy trinity of sophistoism; anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism and intellectual socialism is more alive than ever, like a majestically pyramid of Khufu it manifests its ignorance all over the world, from the lowliest French agent provocateur to the American intellectual elites. Tracing the history and significance of the holy trinity of sophistoism reveal a trident of moronic and hateful statements, large enough to bring envy to Zeus himself. This article will be the first in a series of three, that will trace the roots of and history of three of the dearest tenets of sophisto thought.

Anti-Americanism can be defined as a, petty and somewhat neurotic, need to blame all the problems in the world on one single nation, namely the United States of America. Anti –Americanism, primarily, takes two forms when it is exercised by sophisos worldwide.

The first form is America as a person/individual, this can either be paranoid hippies talking about “the man” or “the machine” standing in their way when they consume illegal drugs or conduct well-fare fraud. “The man” and “the machine” is, furthermore, regularly accused of holding people back and hindering various groups in their pursuit of happiness. Unwillingness to sacrifice oneself for “Uncle Sam” is another common personification of Anti-Americanism. The personification of Anti-Americanism is usually practiced by domestic sophistos who feel that their country is to blame for their own inability to make a living or that their own country stomps on their god given rights to be useless bums. A more sober person would obviously question weather it makes sense for a country to hold people back, afterall how can a country benefit from people being poor? One can, furthermore, ask oneself why prohibition against heavy drug use and a respect for the national defense-forces is a bad thing? Well. Sophistoism isn’t logical. Maybe it is just an inherent hate for the rule of law, capitalism and national pride?

The second part of the sophisto Anti-Americanism is a constant hate of ANY American foreign policy, true sophisto weather he is domestic or international hates all actions taken by the United States on the international arena. A true sophisto is even bitter about the U.S. fighting and defeating the Nazis during WW2. The, so called, international Anti-Americanism is usually preceded by a civil war, occupation or natural disaster in a third-world country, followed by a lack of action or, sometimes, malign action by said national government. The sophisto backed United Nothings or the so-called “International Community” fail to provide any assistance, and is more times than not only capable of hashing out an ad-hoc resolution a couple of years later. At this point everybody calls out for the U.S. to step up and provide help. Now, the U.S. has two options; either does nothing and waits for the called “International Community” to act, which will lead to nothing at all, and the U.S. gets the blame for not doing anything. The second option is to act and save thousands, or in the case of WW2 millions of lives. Saving lives is not that important for sophistoes, who will accuse the U.S. of “cultural imperialism” and being an occupational force. After all, hating the U.S. is way more important than human lives, right?

In short, sophisto Anti-Americanism can be explained as either a personalized hate for the nation of the United States of America or a blatant hate of any American foreign policy, good or bad. One can clearly see that, for the sophisto, Anti-Americanism is more important than tenets like freedom, rule of law and fighting the Nazis during WW2.

Next post will trace the history of sophisto Anti-Semitism.